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Certified Solutions for Household and Laundry Care

We take pride in producing and selling high-quality household and laundry goods that protect your home and clothes.

Each product category contains a variety of brands that have been developed as effective solutions to address the expanding needs of household and laundry care. Our mission is to offer high-quality items that make housekeeping and laundry duties easier.

Our Services

We created a range of products based on the type of your business.


Laundry detergents remove dirt and stains with surfactants, enzymes, and additives, maintaining cleanliness in homes and industries


Softeners are additives used in laundry to make fabrics feel softer, reduce static, and impart a pleasant fragrance.


Multipurpose detergents serve various cleaning tasks, from dishes to floors, offering convenience and efficiency for diverse household chores.


Sanitizers effectively eliminate germs and bacteria from surfaces, ensuring hygiene and reducing the risk of infections or illnesses.

For a cleaner and better quality of life, we develop and provide laundry and housekeeping solutions.

Our network covers all of Peninsular Malaysia, including the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak.